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Gulnaz Awais From Tabriz


Gulnaz Awais is a college student and belongs to the city of Tabriz. Tabriz is the dominant city of Northwest Iran and is the second largest city in Iran. It has been the center of the carpet trade for hundreds, if not thousands of years. With a very rich history, Tabriz used to house many historical monuments. Unfortunately, many of them were destroyed in repeated invasions and attacks of foreign forces, negligence of the ruling governments, as well natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. What remain now mostly dates back to the Ilkhanids, the Safavids, and the Qajars. Some of the monuments are unrivaled masterpieces of architecture. Gulnaz tells that this snap was captured when she was going through one of the busiest roads of Tabriz and their car was stopping on traffic signal. She tells that there are many factories and great industrial and productive sites in Tabriz, which have changed it into one of the industrial centers in the country.

Gulnaz says that she prides to be an Iranian. Well friends you can also send us your own photos like this Iranian Girl through our contact form.

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