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Persian Girls Maintain Their Purity With HIJAB

Persian Girls With Hijab

The girls in front of you are classmates and study in city girls college Shiraz. Through this picture we want to describe some thing about Persian Culture and Religion. Well friends look at their dress you will find every Persian Girl in such dress because Muslim girls are girls who are best known for their discipline. They are humble beings who practice a very different culture from other people. The Islamic religion will best define Muslim girls. They grow up under the strict instruction of their holy prophet as prophesied in their holy book the Quran.

Girls are instructed to live in a certain way and this is exactly what Muslim girls until they enter into womanhood. Their culture is very strict and is designed to safeguard girls from the evils that may befall them. The first thing you notice when you see these girls is their ‘HIJAB’. This is the covering on their heads. They will also cover the rest of their body and this is for sake of maintaining purity. It is paramount that the rule on these be followed. This is because they believe that girls who are not married should remain pure. Even after the girls find husbands, they will continue wearing like this to keep other men out.

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