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Azin Banu Loves Persian Carpets | Iranian Girl, Persian Girls Blog
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Azin Banu Loves Persian Carpets


Azin Banu is basically from Kerman but last year her family was settled in Chicago permanently. She says that when they shifted she particularly asked her father to brought carpets from Iran because Iranian Carpets are hand made, beautifully designed, and an important part of the Iranian culture. Many Iranians make their livelihood creating these works of art. As more and more of the world recognizes the quality and beauty of these Iranian carpets the demand grows. In fact demand has grown so much that these carpets (rugs) are now being produced in area that were not known for weaving in the past.

Azin more says that anyone who has ever seen a Iranian Carpet will agree when I say a Iranian Carpet is not just a rug but rather a magnificent work of art with a mix of wonderful hues and patterns. After all this skill has been perfected over 2500 years so who would expect anything less. During ancient times the Iranians were one of the first carpet weavers. Throughout the centuries they have used ingenuity combined with talent to design a carpet that stands out above the rest. If there was an award for excellence in carpets the Iranian Carpets would win hands down.

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37 Responses to “Azin Banu Loves Persian Carpets”

  1. AMAR says:

    hi.. loveli girl found of lovli carpets.

  2. Ahmed says:

    AoA how to contact you?

  3. Anand Prasad says:

    hi……i m speechless 2 see u…… really a “dream girl” for anyone….!!!!!

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  5. Samir says:

    Hi beautiful lady! Would love to speak with you. You look like a sweet princess.

  6. haffezsameer says:

    slms my name is sameer 4rm South Africa.i would really luv to learn more bout persian carpets and history and the art of loving. my email is


  7. ranjha takht hazaray da says:


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    bye. ttfn.


  8. tiam says:

    slm¨vaghean khoshkeliha!!!
    man az norwey .

  9. MR SHAN says:

    hi beautiful

    i love iranian carpets and i would like to share more about iranian carpet, they so beautiful but not more than you,

    love to talk about
    iranian carpet.


  10. MR SHAN says:

    also i live in loyola campus chicago

  11. yadollah says:

    khali mahboobi ghare ghabele tasvori khoda kone ghalbet be hamin zibay bashe . mikham bishtar azat bedunam mitunam age mitunam addam kon

  12. afi says:

    salam bano man ye pesare khosh gele iraniam mikham bashoma dost besham lotam behem email bezanid bad man shomaramo be shoma midam.

  13. saeid says:

    Hello how are you?
    say every thing

  14. hamid says:

    salam,u r so pretty…mashalla…eftekhar bedi khoshhal misham baham dar tamas bashim
    rassi,man hamid 27 az shiraz

  15. ibrahem kbha says:

    Good evening to you I dream that brought you to the heart of a woman I Ibrahim I am Palestinian and I live in Jordan, and I will send you Emily

  16. ibrahem kbha says:

    Good evening to you I dream that brought you to the heart of a woman I Ibrahim I am Palestinian and I live in Jordan, and I will send you Emily

  17. says:

    مثا ساقه گل … می باشی

  18. shahriar says:

    baba hamaton sare karin.

  19. Chuck Dehmer says:

    hey webmaster I like your post ….

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